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Life at our place.
Details of the happenings with our Golden Retrievers and
Golden Retriever Puppies
at Meadow Grace Goldens

 Many of you who have come and picked up your puppy may not know that our property is very diverse. We have open pastures and meadows, steep hills with rocky ridges and long range views, hardwood woodlands, cedar thickets, and creek bottoms. Our property ranges from 1800-2000 foot in elevation.

  Though our home is located in a cove like valley, sheltered by the surrounding woods and hills. A short, strenuous hike will very much change the perspective and feeling of the breeze considerably. Besides our wonderful dogs and puppies we have chickens and ducks for eggs, goats, sheep, cows, and a donkey named Holly. I enjoy walking the acreage where we have a 1.25 mile trail. This morning I took Tundra with me. One of her personality traits is that like her sister Winter she will talk to me which is very cute and fun. She is a sweet companion.


My family enjoys spending time outdoors and cooking around a campfire. Dutchess came with us last evening. She is especially calm and has the sweetest personality. She is always perfectly happy no matter what we may or may not be doing. She is very content to stay with us, unless a chipmunk decides to make an appearance. She won't actively seek out something to chase but if a chipmunk darts into her space she will pursue. We love her like the rest of our Goldens and know she loves us.

Flowerbed maintenance is 
necessary so that my pansies, roses, gladiolas and zinnias produce beautiful vibrant colors. What a great excuse to have one of my Goldens with me to pass the time.
Ranger accompanied me this afternoon followed by a walk along a fence row in our upper meadow. The breeze was pleasant and temperatures very comfortable. 


We entered our 1958 GMC truck into the Raphine Volunteer Fire Company Parade yesterday. Our Truck "Trusty Rusty" won best appearance antique vehicle from all the entry's. We were told later...

"It was the puppies!"

 So, the award really goes to Winter's, Cider's and Marshmallow's puppies! It was very fun!


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