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We picked up our beautiful puppy, Butters, in Vermont in early 2020, Having lost our elderly golden girl over the previous summer, we were excited to welcome a new pup to the family, but didn't expect him to win our hearts so fast. This is the softest, sweetest, and most soulful little guy ever, and he immediately charmed the entire family. Butters is remarkably well-adjusted, and all vet visits to date have shown perfect health. Beth clearly gives her puppies all possible advantages in their early days, setting the stage for happy, healthy lives. Based on our experience with Butters, we would highly recommend Meadow Grace Goldens in Virginia.

Thank you, Beth!

Carrie Schluter

Our Smoke from Cooper and Tilly will be 2 in October and has been a complete joy, sweet, smart and so easy to train.

 Linda Lefbvre Buzzell


Review from our Facebook page

Purchased our 2nd golden from this kennel. Couldn't be happier with our choice. Nothing but good things to say about the puppy, the kennel and the owner.

Mary Ann Peryea Wood


Review from our Facebook page

We LOVE both of our goldens from GMPK. They are the sweetest pups in the world. Thank you for the gift of these beautiful creatures
K. Quinn
Rhode Island
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 Our family added a perfect Golden last year. We'll be looking to make the trip up North again this year

John Jack


Review from our Facebook page

We got our Gert from here! She is awesome! Highly recommend

TheresaJo Einzig Dingman

Glen Falls,NY

Review from our Facebook page

"Here is one of the pups from your litter born July 28th that we picked up in Vermont. Shiloh is absolutely the love of our life. Shiloh actually house broke our five year old Shih Tzu that we had just about basically given up all hope on... LOL Shiloh has filled such a beautiful place in our hearts, as we acquired her one day after losing our second golden Mister Chance. We were all so inconsolable we were so so lucky to find Shiloh. Thank you for entrusting your beautiful child in our care and please keep me apprised of future litters as possibly in two years so we would like to get another English golden. HAPPY NEW YEAR! BTY. She steals all of your slippers, and has claimed EVERY toy in the house. Would you possibly have a pic of her mom and dad you could forward to me? If so... TY. Very much"
"Below is Shiloh's 3rd birthday update,Karen writes",
I would love to expand upon her story from an 8-week-old baby to her third birthday party today...She is the third Golden that we have owned, each one precious and unique in their own way. She has all the great traits found in the breed, but her personality and devotion outshine what we could have ever hoped for ... She is our morning sun, and our stars at night. The most intelligent, (sometimes to a fault) ...devoted, loving, and protective girl we have ever had the pleasure to be with. There are no words to express how each new day with her is more joyful and adventurous...On her third birthday


So thankful for you both... for this guy George! Born July 2018 🐾

Jessica Kischko

Thank you Lori for the pictures and memories you shared of Maxx and Rylie from a litter we raised back in January of 2011! They have turned into such Beautiful Dogs!

Thank you for all the love you poured into this litter! Windsor is an incredible little guy, so well behaved and bonded to us so quickly. We are so very in love. ❤️ Perfect dog in every way!
He’s literally the nicest little guy I’ve ever met. Potty trained already in 24 hours and so good with the kids. And has chosen me as his best friend. 😂 Love him so much, will send pictures as he gets bigger!

Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing pup. Oatmeal is from Emma and Coopers Sept litter and he is the light of my life. Oatmeal loves showing toys, snuggling, and going on adventures with his sister Maple. We are so blessed to have him in our lives ❤️
~ Jen

Beth: Scout and Dorie turned three the other day!!! We absolutely adore them both, and they adore each other!

Never have we ever had such an adoring, obedient, docile Dogs!!!

Thank you. Tinker and Bill Saltonstall

Hi! This is kelly! She was born in May of 2014. By far the best dog my family has ever had! She’s a lover and a true outdoors-woman! My brother and I (both very avid hunters) had no intention on training her to locate and retrieve game birds for us but it turns out she has a natural interest in it just as we do! Truly an incredible dog with an amazing personality! She’s always wowing us with her abilities, from diving underwater for toys to making blind retrieves with her amazing sense of smell! And to think, she was the “runt of the litter” and the last one to be scooped up! We couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!

This is Ellie!! We brought her home February 2018 and I love her more and more everyday. She’s is and loves to go on long hikes and walks in the park. Maybe one day she can visit her mom and dad!


"Hi Beth, we got a golden from you last year at this time. I just wanted to check in with you and let you know how much we love the dog. Dory has been great with our now 3 year old, letting her climb and tug and love her as a 3 year old does. We just brought a newborn home yesterday and Dory is simply amazing. She is curious but not over bearing. She follows us into the nursery to lie at our feet. She is just so gentle and mellow. Mellow is not a word that we typically use to describe Dory by the way. Every time the baby coos, Dory is alert. It is precious. We love everything about her, thank you!"
Lucas Donohue

Hey there Beth! Steve and I wanted to update you on Holly and Rowan, sisters from Maggie and Forest’s litter born 11-8-2019. They are doing wonderfully well. They have been on roadtrips, met quite a few people of all ages, interacted with our cats, and are meeting more dogs, now that they are fully immunized. They have taken it all in stride, just as calm, loving, and outgoing as we could have hoped for. They have yet to meet a stranger. They are very alert to their surroundings outside, and will watch squirrels and birds with fascination. Interestingly, they rarely bark. They are just very curious. Their next adventure will be a puppy class starting in March. Thank you for such wonderful dogs!

My very happy and very healthy golden boy, Walter, turns 3 in February - by far the best (almost) 3 years of my life. ❤️ Beth at Green Mountain Pastures genuinely cares about her dogs and it shows in their demeanor. I’ll be back to get Walter a puppy brother sooner than my husband knows. 😉

Jenna Taylor~Boston, Massachusetts

Review from our facebook page

I got my "puppy" 9 years ago now and he is the best dog I could have ever asked for! So glad I found this page so I can make the trip back for another when our family is ready!

Julie Lynn-Vermont

Review from our Facebook page

Hi Beth! Just wanted to check in to tell you how much we love Otis and that he is just the most darling puppy. He’s so smart — he already knows how to sit, is on his way to being housebroken, and is totally crate trained. Thank you for raising such a sweet puppy — my family is so grateful.

Stay well,

Oh my sweet Maggie! She is more perfect than I ever thought a dog could be. Thank you for taking such good care of her. We are all completely smitten with her kind, playful, loving soul. Know how thankful we are to have her as part of our family. 

Kenzie and Brian

Heathsville, Virginia


 Our sweet Aslan is 6 months old today!

 He is a water dog through and through, and since we are near two major rivers he gets lots of trips to the water!

 He is so loved by us all. Thought you might enjoy seeing him!

Matthew and Sarah

King George, Virginia

IMG_1842 (1).jpg

Hi Beth,

I just wanted to thank you so much for our golden girl from Forest & Gracie. She is just the best



Hi Beth,

We received one of Forrest and Cider’s females, born in late November - pickup in late January 2021.

We are absolutely delighted with her (named Florence and we wanted to thank you - as we get compliments from so many people on both her beauty and her temperament. She is incredible - and while we have done our best to train her, as first-time dog owners, I think her behavior is likely more from nature than nurture.

Barry and Caroline

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